Best Way To Improve Your Community?

through wealth….

Welcome to I’m especially excited with this new direction in my life as I know it will yield great results for me and you.  I have been wanting to do this for nearly 5 years now but struggled with the availability of time (I’m in the military).   I’m normally a very private person but benefiting the financial lives of others through education is not only a worthy cause but a necessity. And, the time is right to speak out.  I believe all our communities can be positively impacted as a result.

If we improve ourselves, we will improve our communities.

I’ve had many ups and downs in my adult life. From being in the military, to college, to the hospitality industry, to back in the military,’s been kinda crazy..and fun..and scary sometimes. Although my life is “up” in many ways (married, children, educated, nice home, meaningful work), I’ve paid little attention to building wealth over the years (only a military retirement). There are many in my community who are in the same boat. I have zero income streams outside of my job and I struggle, like most, with debt. I needed to fix that so I started

To begin though, I needed some new goals. Although not specific (yet), they are:

  • Generate more income streams
  • Crush my debt
  • Share it all here weekly (so you don’t have scour the internet yourself)
  • Get more involved with community projects


Some income topics I will be pursuing:

starting a business, getting more education, affiliate marketing, small business administration, veteran businesses, Instagram, amazon, contracting, sales, leveraging time, buying commercial real estate, personal real estate, uber, credit improvement, fiverr, and many more…

Please share your experiences/successes (good and bad). Leave comments or ask questions. If you want to write a guest post that would be great too! We can learn from each other as we discover ways to generate and diversify our incomes and in turn help our communities. Good luck!


This blog is the product of what I research, learn, employ and present to you so you can achieve the same (or better!) results.