How To Make Learning Easy With Dr. Pinesett

You will not be disappointed with the breadth of knowledge Dr. Pinesett has to offer. Although he labels himself as the Pre-Med Productivity Expert, his advice is applicable to all students regardless of their intended major. If you’re in college or high school and undergoing a rigorous curriculum, you will undoubtedly benefit from his many techniques. You can learn so much just from his free videos but the real benefit lies in the personal attention he offers as a coach and mentor.

I’m not affiliated with him at all and I’m not gaining anything from promoting this but I do recommend his course: “From the Bottom of the Pre-Med pack to Stanford Medical School in 21 Days.” It’ll cost $9 but I think it’s well worth it.

In it he talks about hard work, focus, how to really study, motivation, and finishing strong. It’s a great set of videos and he’s always available by email in case you have any questions. I was able to apply some of the techniques he talked about to get an A in CHEM151. Pretty happy about that.

Below is one of his free instructional videos. Enjoy!


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