Veterans: Keep Your Job And Start A Business

One of the tenets of this blog is to diversify your income. Starting a business on the side is a great way to do that. This opportunity is for veterans looking to transition from active duty or transition from their current civilian job. You don’t have to quit your job either. It’ll be difficult and perhaps slow going, but I guarantee your freedom will be worth it in the end. If you want more control of your time and more say over your income, then entrepreneurship could be the means to those goals.

US Military Maintenance CEO and Founder, Mark Baird, has an amazing program and support group to help veterans achieve lifelong dreams. I share this today to help get the word out to future veteran entrepreneurs and to let you know I’m an owner myself. I will be starting my small business, in sunny southwest Florida in November 2017.  I will keep you posted as I progress so you can learn from my experiences.

Here’s a link to my site for commercial and residential services: US Military Maintenance SWFL

In the meantime, read about Mark’s story and the opportunity for veterans he offers below

Keep Your Job & Start A Business

US Military Maintenance Income Job Business