Started A Blog While Deployed

Blogging While Deployed.

Man, this is nuts! It hit me while watching a Gary V video (the one about a kid who got a job with VaynerMedia because his “I want a job” video went viral) that once you get it you just freaking get it. Just grind and keep going after it. And if it doesn’t come as fast as that kid’s opportunity, at least you’re enjoying what your doing and learning some skills (and patience) along the way. It’s a win/win in my book…but, I”m still going after it.

I started this blog while deployed to the middle east. Crazy right? I took my down time (the little I had) and started this project to learn about blogging, social media, the internet, making money, influencing, publishing, and to be able to speak to my kids about it intelligently when the time comes and it’s part of their world. It’s coming fast too (they are 5 and 7 years old). I grew up in Gary V’s generation but I was a slow mover to utilize most of these apps.  It’s time to change all that.

No excuses. Seriously. Get Blogging.

So, what are you waiting for? If I can make the time to start a blog, so can you. Don’t think about it any more. Check out my  How to start a blog today! guide for an easy start. Hell, or just search google on how to start a blog. If it’s not blogging, then pick something and go learn it…or start it…or invent it…and just crush it! 

Good luck and let me know how it goes!