What Is A Blog?

Younger generations no longer ask, “What’s a blog?” If you’re like me, a little older and didn’t grow up with all of this technology, maybe a quick definition of what a blog is (and vlog for that matter) would clear things up.

What is a Blog?

From the dictionary: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

I love the fact that it’s informal and conversational. Who wants to get judged on their grammar?!? Obviously not me…or is not I?

These days it’s pretty simple and fast to set one up. If you have any desire to run a business, share your hobby, write reviews, opine on anything, or maybe just document your lifestyle or travel….you should try blogging about it to really understand what it’s all about. Join the 21st century and put yourself out there. Share your talents with people. Give them value. Maybe you’ll help or inspire someone with your words and content along the way.

I Started A Blog While Deployed

How To Start a Blog Today!

Note: A vlog or video blog is along the same idea but you’re using video instead of print to express yourself. Many use a combination of the two and take advantage of the audience each draws. No matter which you’re drawn to, the best way to learn is just to DO.

Here’s a good video about vlogging. It’s entertaining.