Learn To Blog And Make Money Doing It

Learn to blog

This is going to be a long road (the money part). Now that I’ve learned to make a blog though, how do I make money doing it?

Every thing I’ve read up until this point says that building content is king.

  • Content content content
  • Have patience
  • Learn strategies to maximize your efforts
  • Repeat

Setup a blog

Learning to setup a blog, it turns out, is the easiest part of this entire endeavor. Although it may seem a little intimidating to non-techie folks, it’s really not that hard. My post, How to start a blog today, takes you right through it.

Learn to blog

Learning the mechanics of blogging (posting, uploading pics, setting up social media) is straight forward as well. I really had no issues with any of these mediums. If you do, let me know so I can help.

Make money blogging

Now this is the hard part. I want to learn proven ways to do this so I can maximize by blog’s efficiency to take advantage of revenue generating opportunities down the road (taking a long term view).

From what I’ve researched, it starts with content, then traffic, engagement, monetization, more content, re-engagement, and follow up, all while provided great value to your readers and/or customers.

By the way, I’m google search addict about this topic. I typed in this search query (as I do daily on learning about blogging)  and yielded the results below.

My plan is to go through each one of these and summarize what I’ve found and employ the recommended strategies.

I’ll keep you posted.

If you recommend any sites that have real knowledge about making money while blogging, please leave the URL in the comments below. I’d love to check them and write about how they worked or didn’t work for me. Thanks!


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